When running your business, you may find that handling logistics issues takes up a lot of time and energy. By contracting your shipping and supply chain management to a third-party logistics service, you may be able to lighten your work load and even boost your business! Here are five ways a 3PL company can be a boost for your business.

  1. Lowers Costs
    Without in-house logistics services, you have no need to allocate funds to store, ship, and catalogue goods. This typically translates to lower company overhead. Some 3PL companies may even offer to bundle your merchandise into “kits” for you in an effort to further reduce costs. These assembly services combine multiple products into a single package to save on storage, labor, and shipping charges down the line.
  2. Saves Time
    You can stop funneling time and money into managing your own logistics. Contracting allows a business to redirect those valuable resources to its main product.
  3. Provides Flexibility
    3PL services can adjust their warehouse space, shipping methods, and employee numbers to adapt to changes in your business. If your company is expanding or sales are changing rapidly during seasonal peaks and valleys, contracted logistics can hire more or fewer workers to compensate.
  4. Improves Accuracy
    Filling orders and shipping products for your company is generally the main concern of a third-party logistics service. Accordingly, the contractor can focus its entire attention on that mission, reducing mistakes that can cost you money. To increase accuracy, many 3PL companies may use management software in their warehouses to regulate, update, and categorize inventory automatically in real time. The system closely monitors the warehouse stock to produce accurate reports for clients.
  5. Streamlines Sales
    Because most logistics services have access to a large network of supply chains, they can offer your business cheaper, more cost-effective distribution options. Additionally, logistics companies may be able to integrate complex automated warehouse software with your online store, streamlining the process from shipping dock to sales cart.

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