When it comes to business efficiency, one excellent starting point is the warehouse management system. Many businesses believe that one system is very much like the next, but not all systems are created equal. Quality aside, there are customizable warehouse management systems to meet your specific business needs. Here are three of the main reasons you should get started on this right away.

1. Reduced Dock-to-Stock Times

One feature of an efficient warehouse management system is going paperless. Companies who utilize this feature can use graphical dock calendars to track a wide range of operational activities. Some of these include the following:

  • Carrier compliance
  • Vendor compliance
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment management

2. Mobility & Remote Access

Employees move around a lot when working in the warehouse, as do boxes and crates containing your goods. Because of this, providing portable devices for employees makes it easy for them to manage warehouse inventory on the move by using barcode systems and scanners.

This is also advantageous for logistics managers, the business owners and department heads that may be in a different location. This is because it allows everyone to access real-time updates of stock, including what’s missing and what items may have been damaged during transit.

3. Reduced Expenses

If your company handles products with short shelf lives, the electronic system allows you to seek out and get to these deliveries first. This helps to eliminate the likelihood of products spoiling and going to waste, especially when you have a large backlog.

The increased efficiency from reduced dock-to-stock times and increased portability also reduce expenses. Additionally, managers can now offer more flexible work hours to complement the varying number of workers needed on-site at different times.

No matter how successful a company is, there’s always something worth investing a few extra dollars in. So, are you ready to partner with a business that can help you boost efficiency and reduce costs? Contact SureShip, by calling 301-273-1651 or sending an email to info@surehsiponline.com today!