If you own or operate a business selling products on a large scale, you have probably considered a 3rd Party Logistics Warehousing and Distribution company before. With so many companies claiming to be the best at what they do, it can be difficult to pick the one that will best serve your needs. Here are three characteristics of the 3PL company you should partner with to securely warehouse and distribute your products.


Proven Track Record

No company is going to publish negative information about itself, so you will need to do some research first.  Ask the company for client references or examples of similar size programs they currently fulfill.  A reputable company will have no issue providing this information.  You should also check online customer reviews and ask anyone who has worked with them in the past looking for real results in the following areas:


  • Shipping Turnaround
  • In-House Customer Support
  • Dedicated Account Support
  • Real-Time Online Reporting



A well-planned partnership can increase revenue and profitability for all participating businesses.  But picking the wrong partner can have the opposite effect, which is why you should be selective when choosing a potential warehouse and distribution company.  Ensuring the company’s portfolio contains a variety of small and large clients will give your business the opportunity to grow or have seasonal fluctuations.  The last thing you want is to select a partner and then have to start the process all over again when your business starts to take off, because your new partner cannot keep up with the demand.


Cost-Effective Services

You should never choose the least expensive option just to save money. Instead, choose the most reasonable option based on the services and ROI the 3PL can provide.  These cost-effective services should translate into:


  • Automated Order Fulfillment
  • Lower Storage Costs
  • Increase Inventory Turn Rates
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Live, Accurate Reporting
  • Improved Demand Planning


We feel SureShip has all three characteristics so let us prove it by providing the Perfect Client Experience!  Contact SureShip for more information on how we can boost your efficiency while lowering operation costs and eliminating your distribution headaches.  Call or email us today!