When your business turns over its inventory to a third-party warehouse for storage and logistics needs, it’s important to select a partner with systems in place that will provide complete distribution transparency. With a 3PL Warehouse Management System monitoring your inventory, one can begin to see how data, productivity, and growth all become connected for the best business practices. For example:

1. Monitoring Activity and Collecting Data

When a reliable and accurate WMS is in place all activity within the warehouse is monitored 24/7/365. This includes receiving, picking, packing, order inspection and finally shipping of all inventory.  WMS systems must be paired with barcode scanners, supply chain management, transportation management, and a variety of other systems to further monitor activity and collect fulfillment data.

2. Implementing Practices

By adding a dependable 3PL WMS to your business, inventory managers will have access to the data analysis required to understand where improvements can be made. This information will provide a clear view of exactly what is going on, how it is working, and whether or not it’s effective. Knowing where improvements are needed is the first step to implementing best practices to make these necessary changes. In addition, productivity will dramatically increase when this happens.

3. Watching Growth Take Place

After implementing best practices to streamline your business, improve operation systems, and re-organize workflows, companies will begin to see efficiencies and growth. You will immediately see your return on investment as a well-oiled machine will always work better than one that is old and rusty.  The same is true for a well-looked-after 3PL WMS.

Getting Started

As you can see, it’s very important your business finds a distribution partner with the right systems in place to increase productivity and inspire growth.  As a 3PL WMS collects data inventory managers will have the transparency to implement changes so your business can achieve improved productivity and growth. As a trusted 3PL partner for over 60 corporate clients, contact SureShip to maximize your inventory. To learn more call 301-273-1651 or email us today!