Political campaigns require a strong relationship between candidates, volunteers, donors and supporters. Without a robust foundation, your campaign might never lift off the ground. On the campaign trail you need your message to reach these people and fast. With the rapid pace of a campaign season, the responsibility of marketing a political candidate can be tough.  Let SureShip help with this process.

Merchanding is a critical component in branding and fundraising, but with everything going on your agency does not have the time to package and distribute these materials. Partnering with a 3rd party logistics service will relieve the stress associated with fulfillment of these materials and allow your team to focus on marketing the campaign. A 3PL company like SureShip can help you create a delivery strategy that will reach your candidate’s donors, supporters and target demographics.

How Does It Work?

A candidate has a rally in Dallas in five days and you need merchandise for your supporters. How will you have the time to order, package, and deliver thousands of materials in five days? You don’t have to. SureShip will take care of any kitting and assembly and have the materials delivered before the rally. We can even guarantee next day delivery to anywhere in the country if needed!

Instead of worrying about the fulfillment process with your team, trust a 3PL partner such as SureShip to alleviate these headaches. A 3PL provider has the experience necessary to create a strategy that can let you focus on what matters: Your candidate.

Breathe Easy With a 3PL Kitting & Assembly Services

Campaigning requires optimal efficiency. The best way that you can achieve that while delivering information and merchandise to your candidate’s supporters is through the help of a delivery provider. Quality providers can make adjustments and ensure that you don’t lose money in the process. Contact SureShip to take control of your campaign deliveries and to fix any revenue draining or inefficient practices. Call 301-273-1651 or email us today to learn more!