Even though it’s not a physical entity, “the cloud” has created mind-boggling improvements in cost reduction, communication and speed within the logistics and fulfillment industry. However, the adoption of cloud computing has progressed rather slowly among supply-chain-management organizations. Companies who have not yet migrated to cloud computing would be wise to note the many improvements cloud technology has made, including the following:

Erasing Geographical Boundaries
Cloud technology has lifted geographical boundaries along the supply chain. Cloud hosts tend to use uniform methods to retrieve, store and access data, thus geographic location no longer limits communication or access to products and services.

Reducing Costs
In the past, supply-chain management relied heavily on humans, but technology now enables companies to generate reports and trigger actions without much human interaction. Companies can switch freed-up personnel to other roles, and the savings in labor is often passed on to the client and the end consumer.

Adjusting Scale
If a company expands quickly, cloud technology can help it to adjust scale without overhauling the whole system. The reverse is also true if the market declines.

Providing Round-the-Clock IT
Since consumers have 24/7 access to products, supply-chain entities need to provide 24/7 customer service. Cloud hosts often maintain extensive off-site IT departments so their clients no longer need to.

Accommodating Multiple Platforms
One of the biggest benefits of cloud technology comes in the form of communication between the myriad of platforms used in the industry. Standardized protocols break down the digital obstacles so that these platforms can work together to fulfill orders.

Accessing Details
Cloud technology allows for a speedy exchange of information between each player in the supply chain. Every detail in the tracking system is available for download, allowing problems to be solved quickly.

The many improved efficiencies that occur after embracing cloud technology benefits both supply-chain-management organizations and customers alike. To work with a technology-driven third-party logistics carrier, contact SureShip at 301-273-1651.