When you are in charge of planning your company’s trade show, conference or expo, you may feel like you are drowning in responsibility. Fortunately, when it comes to managing the inbound and outbound logistics there are 3PL providers that can take this burden off of your hands.  Outsourcing your event’s distribution needs can help you put together a more successful experience for all that attend.

Reduced Stress

Organizing a company or organizations event is enough work on its own. If you have to worry about managing the logistics, tracking supplies or stuffing giveaway bags, then you are taking time away from actually planning the event. You are already reaching out to experts on other aspects of your trade show such as legal and accounting, so why not consult with professionals about trade show logistics?

For instance, almost all conferences have attendee gift or giveaway bags/packets that need to be assembled prior to the event. That’s where SureShip’s kitting and assembly services come to save the day. With SureShip, the added stress of being prepared for your attendees is lifted when everything is prepared beforehand, delivered ahead of time and ready to handout on day one of the event.

Trustworthy Handling

Packaging and labeling are critical aspects when it comes to event services. You cannot run the risk of boxes being misplaced in transit from the warehouse to the convention center.

Mislabeled boxes are unacceptable and only cause unnecessary headaches.  Having extensive experience in the convention and trade show circuit provides you with trustworthy handlers. They know how to navigate the busy atmosphere, handle large sized inbound or outbound orders and deal with trade show unions.

The tradeshow circuit is stressful and multi-faceted. Instead of tackling it on your own, why not hire a trustworthy third party to help you with convention kitting, assembly and fulfillment services. Contact SureShip today by calling 301-273-1651 or sending us an email to find out more about our expertise in event logistics services!