As an eCommerce business owner or operations executive, you are constantly looking ahead to enhance business processes and avoid setbacks or customer service headaches.  Furthermore, as you grow and order rates increase, you’ll likely need to utilize the services of a third-party logistics provider. Also known as 3PLs, a partnership with third-party logistics providers such as SureShip to streamline your warehousing and distribution process is critical to deliver order rate efficiencies and real time ROI to your business. Here are a couple of questions to keep in mind as you research for 3PLs services.

The Importance of Technology in 3PLs

3PLs should be using real time order integrations to ensure a flawless transmission of orders from your eCommerce store. The use of API, EDI or XML technology is critical to create a competitive advantage.  These integrations streamline the order and fulfillment processes to deliver products faster and in the most cost-effective manner. Furthermore, these technologies should be flexible to your business and any unique requirements. By choosing a 3PL that does not have the most up to date technology advancements or utilizes manual intervention for order entry, you are setting yourself up for consistent customer disappointment.

How Efficient Are They?

A good 3PL provider will understand the value of modern technology and its role in an integrated supply chain system. This means the 3PL can apply an organized structure to keep you, the 3PL, any other suppliers or transport elements, and most importantly, the customer on the same page. Modern customers expect accountability from retailers and transparent tracking accessibility. Furthermore, the 3PL provider should also maintain technology to fully analyze inventory at all times, so you know when to re-order items as well as provide customers with up-to-date availability.

Fulfillment services can be extremely beneficial to growing companies. To keep up with the pace of the modern market, your company will benefit from all of the help a 3PL will provide. SureShip can tailor its logistics services to your needs, in order to provide your customers with the perfect client experience. Call 301-273-1651 or email us today to learn more!