For many eCommerce businesses, the winter holidays are the peak season for orders and fulfillment. It may only be August, but this year’s holiday season will come faster than you think. Is your company prepared for the potential overwhelming demand?

The holiday season can present many challenges such as order rates, shipping/receiving times, inventory thresholds and even overall storage capacity.  By utilizing a third-party logistics company like SureShip you can pass the stress and headaches associated with these factors to an expert. This allows your company to concentrate on marketing initiatives, selling more products and providing remarkable customer service during these crunch times.

The Advantages of Third-Party Logistics

Logistics and distribution management are complicated enough, but when you want to continue to grow during a peak holiday season the challenges are magnified. That’s why turning your warehousing and fulfillment needs over to a third party makes sense. Here are a few of the advantages to this approach:

  • Expanded storage capacity
  • Automated real time inventory from receipt to destination
  • Complete order transparency
  • Real time reporting available 24/7/365
  • Boosts efficiency, reliability, and accuracy


Additionally, your company does not need to stress about expanding your workforce to accommodate the extra orders and customer service requests associated with the holiday season.  A true 3PL such as SureShip is equipped to seamlessly handle these problems for you and can help with event planning or special sales that occur more frequently during peak season.

So, are you truly ready for the holiday season? If you are unprepared, or if you just want to discuss these advantages and where your company stands, contact us by calling 301-273-1651 or sending an email today!