Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday Shopping, and even Valentine’s Day can all cause a dramatic increase in sales and fulfillment anxiety levels. For any company these can be good problems to have. However, if you are unable to ship your orders at an Amazon like rate it will negatively affect overall customer service and satisfaction. Because of this, many eCommerce businesses will partner with a third-party logistics company during peak Holiday seasons to combat the increased demand and maintain great customer service.  Here are a few reasons you should do the same.


Keeps you Focused on Marketing and Manufacturing

When product demand peaks it can be difficult to focus on ramping up production and the distribution of orders at the same time. By passing on shipping responsibilities to another company, it will allow you to focus on what you do best without fulfillment distractions or headaches.


Reduce Shipping Rates

Your Check Out Cart will look even more attractive to customers by offering reduced or free shipping. Third-party logistics companies ship in bulk and have better carrier rates, so working with them helps to lower your distribution costs. You can then pass these savings onto your customers. Reduced shipping rates not only increase sale but also keep overhead costs low creating immediate ROI.


Ship Goods Faster

Have you ever bought something online that took so long to ship, you forgot what you ordered? In the past, this may have been acceptable. Modern consumers expect faster shipping, preferably within two to five days. It’s the Amazon affect.  Third-party logistics teams can make this happen through the use of strategically placed fulfillment centers all across the country, and sometimes, even overseas.


Every business looks forward to the peak buying seasons to take advantage of greater revenue. However, if your store fails to keep up with orders, the increase in orders can do more harm than good. SureShip is committed to getting every order out within 24 hours to keep your customers happy. Contact us by calling 301-273-1651 or sending an email today!